Apis mellifera carnica, Authentic Carniolan Queen Bees from Slovenia, cebelarstvo Medokost, apiaries Medokost, Breeding station Medokost /It’s easy to get in touch If you have any questions or require clarification on any of our products be sure to email or call - we’d be delighted to help. email:, phone: ++386 51 325 369, post: Vzrejališče čebeljih matic, MEDOKOŠT - kozjansko, Paridol 15, 3224 Dobje pri Planini, Slovenia, EU, We take orders for season 2014. Bee Queens are available from May until August. Apis m. carnica Queen Bees (mated, marked, certificate of authenticity) Type 01 bred from Hygienic Bee lines, honeybee breeding carnica.