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1. Quality Control
Authentic Carniolan Queen Bees are mated and selected on our mating station. Queen bees are caught on demand to reduce the time spent out of colony. Queen Bees are kept in the nucs and harvested when capped brood is present. Every Authentic Carniolan Queen Bee is marked with colour - numeric disc and receives a pedigree number. Every Authentic Carniolan Queen Bee is controlled before shipment in order to obtain the highest quality.
2. Order
Queen Bees are available from week 16 - 32. As the demand for Queen bees usually far exceeds supply and production, it is necessary to make a reservation as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment later.
Queen bees are available on a first come, first served basis.
3. Shipment
We ship your new Authentic Carniolan Queen Bees in plastic transport - introduction cages. The Queen Bees can endure several days (up to 14) of travelling. Within Europe it will normally take three to five days for your shipment to arrive. We send Queen bees as priority letter via Pošta Slovenije (max. Q per letter 30). We ship Mondays and Tuesdays only, unless agreed differently. This way you will probably receive your Queen bees in the same week and they won’t get stocked in a depot. We don’t take any responsibility for the Queen bees during delivery as well for successful introduction of your new Queen bee to the colony.
4. Payment
We expect payment before the dispatch. In practice that is at least two weeks before desired delivery week. This way you will receive queen bees in the desired week. Please note that no Queen bees will be send until payment is made.
It is not necessary to make any deposit in advance but it is also optional. In case you changed your mind let us know asap.
5. Intra trade certificate
It takes 3 working days for Health certificate (intra trade certificate) to be issued if Queens are to be send within EU. Every shipment must contain intra trade certificate - health certificate.
6. Package
The package contains: Queen bee with 7-9 nurse bees in the traveling / introduction cage. Information about the Queen bee (Transcript of the Herdbook of Apis mellifera carnica); intra trade certificate (health certificate); and the payment info.