Apis mellifera carnica, Authentic Carniolan Queen Bees from Slovenia, MEDOKOšT - Kozjansko, Slovenia, Approved selection and breeding station; preservation, selection, breeding.

Hygienic selected Breeder Queen Bees. Due to high demand, prior agreement is required for the supply of suitable breeder queen bees. Each year we have a limited number of breeder queen bees for sale.
Queen bees 2 years old queen bees, tested in the first year of their life in production conditions. Hygienic selected Breeder Queen bees are excellent for new breeding combinations, production of F1 queen bees
and for drone production. They have been tested on the following characteristics: color index, rapid build up, gentleness, calmness, laying pattern, brood examination,
low winter food consumption, Pin Killed brood test - hygienic behavior, symptoms of swarming behavior, honey yield, VSH observations, nosema spores tested, cubical index check.
Hygienic selected Breeder Queen bees are Pure Apis m. carnica. Marking: Hygienic selected Breeder Queen bees are always marked with numeric disc in last years’ color.
Every Queen bee has a pedigree number. Transcpit of the herd book is included. Delivery: week 16 - 22