Apis mellifera carnica, Authentic Carniolan Queen Bees from Slovenia, MEDOKOšT - Kozjansko, Slovenia, Approved selection and breeding station; preservation, selection, breeding.

Queen bees mated at high attitude mating station.
Prior agreement is required for the supply of the queens. Queen bees are produced at first class, tested and hygienic breeder queens which also show VSH qualities. Our virgin Queen bees are open mated at high attitude mating station.
Mating station is situated in drone controlled environment in Slovenian Alps. Mating station data: ::::::::::::::::::::, Alps, attitude: ::: m. Carefully selected drones carriy the gene heritage selected by Slovenian most famous queen bee breeders as Strgar, Jalen, Volk etc...
More than 100 years of constant selection. Excellent for new breeding combinations. Marking: Queen bees mated in controlled mating station bees are always marked with numeric disc in last years’ color.
Every Queen bee has a pedigree number. Transcpit of the herd book is included. Delivery: June, July, August 2017. - exact delivery week will be anounced later in the season -
This is a rare opportunity. Make sure to let us know if you are insterested.