RANDOM mated
Apis m. carnica Queen Bees

Random mated queen bees are produced at first class, tested and hygienic breeder queens which also show VSH qualities.

Virgin queen bees are open mated at our mating stations, surrounded only by Authentic Apis mellifera carnica colonies. 95 % of all colonies are registered, controlled and of known origin in radius of 3 km.  98 % of all colonies are registered and controlled in radius of 6 km. Those colonies provide a wide variety of Authentic Carniolan drones mostly produced by first class, tested, hygienic breeder queens. That ensures the vitality and the variety of future bee population.

Our selection of queen bees and drones ensure a high quality of open mated queen bees. Queen bees are mated in nucs of 2 or 4 standard Langstroth frames or smaller 3 – 6 frames 1/3 Langstroth frames, checked for good laying pattern and marked with numeric disc before dispatch. Random mated queen bees are pure Apis m. carnica.

Marking: Random mated Queen Bees are always marked with color – numeric disc in this years’ color. Every Queen bee has unique pedigree number. Transcpit of the herd book is included.
Delivery: week 18 – 32
Price: 17 € (shipment cost and a health certificate are not included)