Overwintered Authentic Queen Bee Apis m. carnica 
Overwintered, hygienic
– line breeding –

Overwintered Authentic queen bees Apis m. carnica Type02
are the offspring of selected breeder queens (Type03) of superior production features, tested in production conditions, with strongly expressed cleaning behavior (VSH).

Overwintered Authentic queen bees Apis m. carnica provide a good start of the breeding season. They are suitable for

  • breeding of production queen bees,

  • breeding of apis m. carnica drones.

Overwintered Authentic Queens of the Carniolan bee Apis m. carnica and its offspring correspond to the morphological and ethological characteristics of the Carniolan bee:
color index, intense spring development, calm sitting on the honeycomb, defensive behavior, compact laying, modest winter food consumption.

Overwintered Authentic Queens are purebred Carniolan bees Apis m. carnica.
Only a limited number of queen bees are available. Early booking is preferred.
It is possible to take over the breeder queen with her own colony.

Each commercial queen is entered with a unique pedigree number in the original pedigree book for the Carniolan bee Apis m. carnica, kept by the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (KIS).
With the queen, you receive an extract from the original pedigree book for the Carniolan bee, which shows the origin of the queen bee and the mating location.
Delivery: week 16 – 22
Price: 90 € (shipment cost and a health certificate are not included)