Overwintered, hygienic
Apis m. carnica Queen Bee

Overwintered hygienic Queen Bees are the last years’ Random mated queen bees produced from first class, tested and hygienic breeder queen bees which also shows VSH qualities.

Overwintered hygienic Queen Bees
• ensure good start of the breeding season.
• suitable for breeding pure a.m.c. drones
suitable for F1 queen production.

Limited production! They must be booked early in the season.

Overwintered hygienic Queen Bees went through several tests:
color index, rapid build up, gentleness, calmness, laying pattern, brood examination, low winter food consumption.

Overwintered hygienic Queen Bees are Pure Apis m. carnica.

Marking: Over wintered Queen Bees are always marked with numeric disc in last years’ color.
Every Queen bee has a pedigree number. Transcript of the herd book is included.
Delivery: week 16 – 22
Price: 90 € (shipment cost and a health certificate are not included)