Breeder, hygienic, selected Queen Bee
Apis m. carnica

Each year we have a limited number of breeder queen bees for sale.
Due to high demand, prior agreement is required for the supply of suitable breeder queen bees. 

Queen bees 2 years old queen bees, tested in the first year of their life in production conditions.

Hygienic selected Breeder Queen bees are
• excellent for new breeding combinations,
• production of F1 queens
• production of drones.

They have been tested on the following characteristics:
color index, rapid build up, gentleness, calmness, laying pattern, brood examination,
low winter food consumption, Pin Killed brood test – hygienic behavior, symptoms of swarming behavior, honey yield, VSH observations, nosema spores tested, cubical index check.

Hygienic, selected, Breeder Queen bees are Pure Apis m. carnica.

Marking: Hygienic selected Breeder Queen bees are always marked with numeric disc in last years’ color.
Every Queen bee has a pedigree number. Transcript of the herd book is included.
Delivery: week 16 – 22
Price: 190 € (shipment cost and a health certificate are not included)