Authentic Queen bee Apis m. carnica ” Guardian”
project: “the Guardians”, PP Podskalica
– line breeding –

Breeding location information:

Breeding district BOHOR, Kozjansko
Mating location PODSKALICA
Diverse, selected and controlled local bee population / drone colonies Apis m. carnica in r=4,5km
Virgin queens are descendants of  Selected Breeder Queens (Type03) and/or pedigree Breeder Queen bees (Type03LB).
Breeders: Ivana Kovačević and Matija Koštomaj

Read more about “the Guardian” project.

Authentic Queen bee is entered with a unique pedigree number in the original pedigree book for the Carniolan bee Apis m. carnica, kept by the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (KIS).
With the queen, you receive an extract from the original pedigree book for the Carniolan bee, which shows the origin of the queen bee and the mating location.
Delivery: June, July, August 2022 – exact delivery week will be announced later in the season
Price: 90 € (shipment cost and a health certificate are not included)