Pedigree Queen bee Apis m. carnica
– PP Lučka Bela, pedigree, outcrossing –
season 2021: 52090-2020 (LG28) x 15812-2016

The Pedigree Queen bees Apis m. carnica represent the best selection material available in Slovenia.

2021: Pedigree queen bees are bred from selected line 52090-2020 (LG28)
and mated with drone selected line 15812-2016 at the Mating Station Lučka Bela.

Data on the Mating Station Lučka Bela, season 2021
Head of PP Lučka Bela: Tomaž Lesnjak
Mating district The Podvolovljek, the glacial valley of the Lučnica river
Mating location Žegnani studenc, 900 m.
The controlled / isolated mating radius is 6 km.
10 selected drone colonies of the Carniolan bee Apis m. carnica, 2021:line 15812-2016 (Jože Andrejč)
Drone line 15812-2016 was selected based on the results of the 2019-2020 progenity test (Agricultural Institute of Slovenia – KIS).