Slovenian National Bee Breeding Program for Apis mellifera carnica

Tasks envisaged for attaining the Carniolan bee breeding goals include procedures for evaluating their characteristics, testing their economically important and other characteristics, estimating the breeding value of reared bees, and selection measures. Moreover, the program deals with health issues and other beekeeping activities that influence the quality of the reared
pure-line stock.

Organizational and technical work is directed and conducted by the recognized bee breeders’ association (the PRO; the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association holds this status) and the second recognized beekeeping association (the DPO; that is, the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia). These two most important beekeeping organizations in Slovenia are contractually linked. The PRO unites beekeepers that are also its members, but have acquired certain rights and obligations.

The breeders’ association collects data for entry into the Pure-Line Carniolan Bee Breeding Register. The approved queen-rearing station forwards this data to the PRO, which in turn issues zootechnical certificates.

National Bee Breeding Program goals:
• Preservation of racial purity;
• Preservation of variability in the population;
• Increased calmness in the bees;
• Reduction of swarming;
• Increase in the number of bees in colonies;
• Strengthening bees’ productive qualities (honey yield);
• Strengthening the bees’ resistance to diseases.

Planned activities for achieving the breeding goals:
• Primary selection (conducted by all bee farms);
• Rearing work (organized as part of all approved queen-breeding stations);
• Rearing pure-line queens.