Production Queen Bee Authentic Apis m. carnica
– open mated, line breeding –

Production queen bees Authentic Apis m. carnica Type01
are the descendants of Selected breeder queens (Type03), ideal morphological and ethological characteristics, superior production characteristics, tested in production conditions, with strongly expressed cleaning behavior (VSH).

Virgin queen bees are open mated at our mating stations, surrounded only by Authentic Apis mellifera carnica colonies. Most bee families are registered, controlled and of known origin. These families breed a large amount of genetically diverse drones, which ensures the health, vitality and endurance of future generations of bees and populations.

With the careful selection of Breeder Queens and Drone colonies, planned breeding of drones and appropriate positioning in landscape we try to establish conditions for excellently mated Queens.
With a well-established breeding system, we ensure consistently high quality of bred queens with an average weight of 220 mg.

The Queens are mated in “Kozjansko nucs” – Kozjanski hramček.
During the collection of mated queen bees, we check the quantity and density of the brood, as well as the appearance of the queen bee.

Only queen bees that meet all the criteria are marked with an opal plate and entered in the original pedigree book for the Carniolan bee (KIS).
The queen receives a unique pedigree number.

Each production queen is entered with a unique pedigree number in the original pedigree book for the Carniolan bee Apis m. carnica, kept by the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia (KIS).
With the queen, you receive an extract from the original pedigree book for the Carniolan bee, which shows the origin of the queen bee and the mating location.

Delivery: week 18 – 32
Price: 20 € (shipment cost and a health certificate are not included)